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Sun, Jul. 17th, 2005, 12:10 am

While I was looking at this site stats, I figured I'd look at the interests as well (and maybe by adding a few, I might increase readership? nah...). LJ also has a Popular interests page, and here are some broad conclusions from it as of today:

There are 7750001 LJ accounts.

Lots of LJ-ers have sold out to the entertainment industry: music (15%), movies (9%).

Only 6% of the authors of LiveJournals are interested in writing; only 1.3% are interested in the Internet, and only 0.4% in LiveJournal. Makes you wonder why we bother...
I am among the lucky 4% who are interested in computers.

While 6% of LJ-ers like reading, only 3% of them are into books. Books are still the most interesting medium, with DVD's (2%) a close second.

Sleeping and swimming are equally popular activities. (3%)

Boys (3.7%) are 117% more interesting than girls (1.7%), but women (1.4%) are more interesting than men (1.0%). Is it something that happens when we grow up?
Cats (2.2%) are 150% more interesting than dogs (1.4%).

Sex (2.8%) is barely more interesting than food (2.5%). At the same time, only 1.5% are interested in kissing first, and even fewer (1.1%) like cuddling. While Coldplay (0.9%) made it, foreplay isn't even interesting enough to make the list.
Love (3.7%) conquers all emotions. Speaking of which, the single most interesting Unicode character is ♥ (0.5%).
"My Chemical Romance" (1.0%) beats actual romance (0.8%).
Chocolate (1.9%) is the most interesting food product, followed closely by cheese (1.7%). Coffee (1.6%) is most interesting drink. And, while 2.5% are interested in food, only 1.5% are interested in cooking it.

Summer (1.3%) is the most interesting season... and rain (2%) is the most interesting weather.

Although they're both almost equally popular (1.3%) at least 289 more people like cars than like driving them.

History and drinking (1.1%) are equally popular -- coincidence? I think not.

Canada (0.4%) is the most interesting country. California (0.5%) is the most interesting state/place.

Life (1%) is more interesting than death (0.7%), but "Star Wars" is almost as interesting as "Death Cab for Cutie" (0.9%)

Dancing (4.5%) is by far the most interesting sport.

311 (0.4%) is the most interesting phone number. 911, 411 and 867-5309 didn't even make the list.

God (0.9%) is by far the most interesting named deity, unless people really are workhipping the stars (1.9%). Jesus (0.5%) comes in second, pretty close to religion (0.5%).
Harry Potter (2.2%) is the most interesting named "person."

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